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Cheque bounce cases are criminal in nature, As per the provisions of Negotiable Instruments Act 1881, as these cases are criminal in nature, it is mandatory for every respondent / accused to take bail before the trial could proceed. These cases cannot be taken lightly as they are criminal in nature. The attendance of the accused/respondent is mandatory on every date of hearing, unless the concerned competent court does not exempt the physical attendance of the accused/cheque issuer. Also, as the cases are criminal in nature as per the Negotiable Instruments Act 1881, the Court may impose a penalty of double the cheque amount in addition to imposition of interest rate, which could vary from 10 to 18% per annum. Our team of cheque bounce lawyers in Delhi have been dealing with such cases regularly, and are also on panel of various companies, public and private, and are thus very well experienced in dealing such cases. Cheque bounce cases are very technical in nature and as per law the assumption is in favor of the person in whose favor the cheque has been issued and thus it needs great expertise to defend such cases.

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Our cheque bounce advocates have the experience and expertise to file or defend such cases and are always there to navigate you through the complex legal system in order to resolve your legal issues pertaining to such cases. This process starts with consultation between our team of cheque bounce lawyers and the client, whereby as per the facts of the case, the case is evaluated and a strategy is made as to how the case is to be represented in the court, Thereby the pleadings is drafted accordingly and filed before the concerned court. The cheque bounce petitions are supposed to be filed with evidence affidavits, which at times could be very technical in nature and has the potential of affecting the case substantially. We firmly believe that every case is unique and may require a unique strategy to before the court. We have a good track record in getting favorable outcomes in cheque bounce cases, be it from the petitioner side or from the defense side. Our team of cheque bounce lawyers in Delhi is always available to address any of your concerns pertaining to cheque bounce cases/disputes.