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Mr. A. K. Singh
(founder) (LL.B.)

Mr. A. K. Singh is the founder of the Patrons Legal. He started his law practice in 1982 and has acquired expertise through his 34 years of profound practice. His areas of specialization are taxation and commercial law cases. He is considered to be an authority on Raid & Seizure cases. He has advised several corporate clients on matters pertaining to taxation issues. He has established a wide client base throughout the country. Mr. Singh advises companies in all areas of taxation, including Value Added Tax, Service Tax, Sales Tax, offering consulting, advisory, litigation and compliance services. He is well known for his dynamic and innovative approach towards his practice, which has been profoundly acknowledged by both the Bar and the Bench.His skills in handling inter-state sales matters are widely recognized. He has also been an important part of several seminars and conferences on tax reforms in India. He is well known for his flawless, time-bound and cost-effective legal services. He is a true leader in all respects and his firm belief in teamwork has kept the firm and its team intact and has developed a cooperative culture in the firm. The Firm uses his rich experience and A1 expertise in casespertaining to direct and indirect taxation.


LL.B. in 1979